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Two Feet of Snow Last Night

Just when you realize you probably have too much snow on the ground!! (more…)


tree swallows looking for food
Flying on Red House Lake (2007)

I observed a few hundred Tree Swallows flying over Red House Lake today with big snowflakes in the air!! Seeing this behavior reminded of the day in 2007 when I found a dozen birds cuddling together to keep warm. These birds just don’t do well in cold temperatures and my heart was broken after finding a few dozen of them dead in the bird boxes.  Lucky this weather isn’t proposed to last for as many days as in the 2007’s storm.

Salamander Movement Tonight

Spotted Salamander
Spotted Salamander Smile

Allegany State Park has had some outstanding temperatures recently and I have been anticipating this night for the past few weeks! The migration of the Spotted Salamander starts each spring when these yellow spotted creatures emerge from the ground and slowly work their way towards their breeding pools.

Feeling Like Spring

Walk with kenser
Walking with MacKenzie

A heat spell hit Allegany State Park today with temperatures reaching 50 degrees F. MacKenzie asked nicely to have our first walk around Red House Lake and we kept finding critters also enjoying the sunshine.

Nature Haikus – Winter

Redhouse before it froze over!
Red House Lake

By Young Naturalist C

Snow laden branches
Hide secrets in the forest
Waiting to be found


Reminders of Summer

Found this warbler nest in the snow today!! This snow covered nest reminds me . . . that I make it through the winter knowing the Warblers will return in the spring!!

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Ring-necked Ducks hiding from the storm

Ring-necked Ducks
Ring-necked Ducks

The first winter storm of the season moved through Allegany State Park today. We had all kinds of weather from snow, down poring rain, sunny skies, thunderstorm, small hail and even high winds for most of the day making any bird wishing they were not migrating south. Today we had 13 Ring-necked Ducks on Red House Lake who appeared to be ducking out from this storm.