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Willet at Red House Lake


On Monday (May 3rd) during my daily walk around Red House Lake with Mackenzie (dog) . . . we encountered 17 Willets (CHECK- first of the year) hanging out on the beach. This is my first time every seeing Willets within Allegany State Park.

Allegany the Winter Wonderland

Administration Building
Allegany State Park’s Administration Building.


Wordless Wednesday – Holidays

Christmas Decorations
Getting into the Holiday Spirit


Fall Foliage Report

September in Allegany
Red House Lake – Allegany State Park, NY

Isn’t it fun to look back at your blog posting from last year? I had done a Fall Foliage Report where I talked about the leaves just started to change. Ugg, our leaves have been changing for a few weeks now!!

I would have to say that our (un)official report is that the leaves are around 30% changed here in Allegany State Park.  I will try to do another report next week sometime.