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My Yellow Warbler review

I have been banding birds for 18 years and I would like to start a series on my recapture birds that I have encountered during my banding carrier. The first bird that I would like to share is the Yellow Warbler.

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The “Warbler Guide” [App Review]


I have been giving the opportunity to review the “Warbler Guide” App that is available with my iPhone/iPad. The Warbler Guide “book” that this app follows is not something you would carry with you on every birding adventure. However the two together complement each other really well. The book gives you more of a text book description of each species; the app appears to be a more field identification guide. My favorite feature of the App is that it’s always accessible when needed and then look up the other info in the book later when you get home. Read the rest of this page »

Merry Christmas 2014

Happy Holidays everyone.


A Few More Birds from Dunkirk Harbor

White-winged Scoter

By: Pat Coate

The pictures in this post were taken at Dunkirk Harbor this past winter.

In our area, the white-winged scoter winters on Lakes Ontario and Erie. It is becoming a bit more common due to the invasion of the zebra mussels, as mussels (and clams) seem to be one of its favorite foods.

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Dunkirk Harbor


By: Pat Coate

During our unusually harsh winter in Western New York open water for ducks and gulls was hard to come by. Dunkirk Harbor on Lake Erie usually has a good bit of open water due to warm water discharge from the nearby power plant. But with the prolonged cold spell even the harbor had very limited open water this year, making competition for food fierce.

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Brecon Beacons, Wales

eUK2_ 024
Brecon Beacons

By: Pat Coate

Brecon Beacons is a national park on the border of South Wales and Mid Wales. Its highest peak, Pen Y Fan (2907′), is also the highest mountain in southern Britain.

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Long-eared Owl

Long-eared Owl

By: Pat Coate

This long-eared owl was another life bird added to my list with grateful assistance from Jim Adams ( The owl was seen at Oatka Creek Park, Monroe County, NY.

The prominent ear-tufts give the long-eared owl a similar appearance to the great horned owl, though its tufts are more towards the center of the head than the great horned owl. Also the long-eared owl is much smaller (15 v. 22 inches) and has a more slender build.

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