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My Yellow Warbler review

I have been banding birds for 18 years and I would like to start a series on my recapture birds that I have encountered during my banding carrier. The first bird that I would like to share is the Yellow Warbler.

The birds that I band are located in Cattaraugus County, NY with most of the individuals caught in the Allegany State Park area. I have recorded 160 different Yellow Warblers with an additional 2 foreign recaptures. Both foreign recaptures originated at the Allegany Nature Pilgrimage and was recaptured about a mile away during the Great Outdoors day event. The first was recaptured 5 years later (M 2001-2006) and the second one was caught the following year (M 2010-2011). The first individual when I caught it was at least 6 years old and that bird could have been older. Very exciting capture for sure!

I observed 8.9% of my banded Yellow Warblers to return back to the breeding grounds after migrating south. I had 12 individuals return the following year, 2 individuals return two years later, 2 individuals return three years later, 1 individual returns four years later and 1 individual return five years later. What was very unique about the recapture (five years later) was that warbler was one of few female recaptures.


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