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Winter Scenes

View from Christian Hollow Trail, Allegany State Park

By: Pat Coate

It has been a winter wonderland in WNY with the 20+ inches of snow we have received since Christmas. The cross country ski trails at Allegany State Park have been awesome as have some of the other area state forest lands. After skiing only once during last year’s very mild winter, we’ve been out about 10 days so far this year.


Hiking in Allegany State Park

Rock formations along the FLT in Allegany State Park

By: Pat Coate

As many of you know, Allegany State Park has some beautiful hiking trails. About 20 miles of trail through the park is also part of the Finger Lakes Trail (FLT), and coincides with the Conservation and North Country trails. Recently a combined group of 23 from the Olean Area Hiking Group and the Allegheny Outdoor Club met to hike the portion that begins in the Allegheny National Forest near the Willow Bay Recreation Area on PA Route 346. Starting at an elevation of 1370′, the trail climbs steadily for about 2 miles to an elevation of about 1700′ (elevations from the FLT map). About 1.1 miles in the trail crosses from PA to NY and enters Allegany State Park. The trail is marked with white blazes and part of the trail also has red marks that have been added above and/or below the white blazes. The red marks are new over the past 6 months and it was uncertain who had added these marks. At one point the red marks veer off the main trail and go to the stone structure shown in one of the attached pictures. This shuttle hike, of about 4 miles, veered from the FLT by taking Brown Hollow Road to the Wolf Run area of the park. The section of the trail along Brown Hollow looked down on a babbling brook whose sound was drowned out by the constant sloshing of many feet through the deep carpet of fallen leaves.


Are you my mother?

e20110626 098
Where’s my mother (and my tail)

By: Pat Coate

I came across this youngster in Allegany State Park the end of June. Never did see an adult bird and I hope things worked out okay for it. I believe it is a juvenile Baltimore Oriole.

Willet at Red House Lake


On Monday (May 3rd) during my daily walk around Red House Lake with Mackenzie (dog) . . . we encountered 17 Willets (CHECK- first of the year) hanging out on the beach. This is my first time every seeing Willets within Allegany State Park.

ASP Geobash 3

Group Photo (click to enlarge)

This weekend we held our 3rd annual Allegany State Park Geobash over in the Camp 12 area of the park. Besides the rain . . . . it was a wonderful weekend seeing many new and old geocaching friends again. I also had an opportunity to reunite with an old bird banding buddy from back in the 1990’s who recently started geocaching! Maybe I can talk him into joining us banding this summer??

Fall Foliage Report

September in Allegany
Red House Lake – Allegany State Park, NY

Isn’t it fun to look back at your blog posting from last year? I had done a Fall Foliage Report where I talked about the leaves just started to change. Ugg, our leaves have been changing for a few weeks now!!

I would have to say that our (un)official report is that the leaves are around 30% changed here in Allegany State Park.  I will try to do another report next week sometime.