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Fall in Allegany State Park

From Stone TowerFrom Stone Tower

I wanted to post these fall views of Allegany State Park before the snow starts falling! Hope everyone had a great fall!

Nature Haikus – Fall

Covered Bridge

By Young Naturalist C

A leaf falling down
Inside a mix of colors
Of red, gold and orange (more…)

Fall Foliage Report

September in Allegany
Red House Lake – Allegany State Park, NY

Isn’t it fun to look back at your blog posting from last year? I had done a Fall Foliage Report where I talked about the leaves just started to change. Ugg, our leaves have been changing for a few weeks now!!

I would have to say that our (un)official report is that the leaves are around 30% changed here in Allegany State Park.  I will try to do another report next week sometime.