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TOM (aka: mon@rch or BIC)

Selfportrait Teaching

I have 19 years of experience in the Environmental Education and Field Biologist field. I received my bird banding permit in 1998, became a certified bird bander by the North American Banding Council in the fall of 2003, currently the crew leader for a Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) station; Principal Investigator in looking at the changing butterfly fauna in Allegany State Park, NY and the status and ecology of the Northern Saw-whet Owl in Allegany State Park, NY.


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Pat Coate

I have always had a latent interest in birds and photography and have been lucky enough to find time to explore these interests over the last few years. I am very thankful to the Cattaraugus County Bird Club for getting me started, sharing their wealth of knowledge and for their wonderful programs. And many thanks to Tom for letting me share some of my adventures and photos on the Monarch Nature Blog.

Young Naturalist β€œJ” (Ass. BIC)
β€œJ” first started banding birds with me during in the summer of 2001 and became a field assistant for the CLDC site in 2004. He has assisted me with Saw-whet Owl banding, roadside raptor trapping and educational programs with college students. In school he is the teachers walking encyclopedia in regards to birds. As you can tell from this photo that I am always giving him the fun jobs to do and rarely complains. He is already discussing doing his very first research project.Fall of 2007 β€œJ” started assisting with the birdQUIZ blog and at this point one of the main birdQUIZ contributors. He has also contributed information on site like his Got a Couple on mon@rch post.Β  You can see his own blog “The Ovenbird” with him teaching, teaching, teaching . . .


Young Naturalist β€œC”
β€œC” had been following the footsteps of her mother and becoming a wonderful young naturalist. She became a field assistant for the CLDC site in 2006 and assisted me with Saw-whet Owl banding. Just recently β€œC” has been exploring her photography skills and assisting her mother with educational programs. She is always the first to volunteer to help whenever I need help!Here on this blog, she is known for her wonderful work with the Nature Haikus poems and the Whale Watching Post that she did.


Young Naturalist β€œE”
β€œE” is always full of energy and always able to make us smile. She is becoming a wonderful young naturalist and the first to pick up any of the salamanders or other critters that we find. “E” has been assisting her mother in many different educational programs in the park and also helped with Audubon Nature Pilgrimage. She has attended both (CLDC & SWAT) MAPS banding stations and the Saw-whet Owl banding. E has been assisting in doing some of the Nature Haikus poems here on this Nature Blog.


Young Naturalist β€œH”
β€œH” became a field assistant for the CLDC site in 2006 and has been attending my nature walks since 1999. Being from Michigan, β€œH” is limited in the amount of time that she is able to be out in the field during our banding season but is always very willing to learning about each bird that we are handling. In 2005 her family volunteered to redesign our stations bird-bags that was needed to be done and has reduced the number of β€œescapes” that we have had. I can always count on her and her family in helping anyway they can!


Young Naturalist β€œD”
β€œD” has been attending my nature walks since 1999 and being from Michigan, β€œD” is limited in the amount of time that she is able to do much nature activity with me. She has a strong interest in birds and has participated in Christmas Bird Counts back in her hometown of Michigan. I can always count on her and her family in helping whenever they can!Most everyone will remember β€œD” by her White-marked Tussock Moth post that she did here on this site in the Fall of 2007.


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