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My Yellow Warbler review

I have been banding birds for 18 years and I would like to start a series on my recapture birds that I have encountered during my banding carrier. The first bird that I would like to share is the Yellow Warbler.

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Banders Meeting

Junkins Warbler Painting
Junkin’s Warbler Painting

Today I joined some fellow bird banders to discuss what projects we have been participating in over the past year. This Banders Meeting was hosted by David Junkin, who you might remember as the individual who discovered the Junkin’s Warbler. It was great hearing directly from him about how he found what he called this “freak bird” and the following steps on how the world also discovered this bird. I was so pleased to have an opportunity to see the original Junkin’s Warbler Painting that was done for the publication “Living Bird”. (more…)