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A Few More Birds from Dunkirk Harbor

White-winged Scoter

By: Pat Coate

The pictures in this post were taken at Dunkirk Harbor this past winter.

In our area, the white-winged scoter winters on Lakes Ontario and Erie. It is becoming a bit more common due to the invasion of the zebra mussels, as mussels (and clams) seem to be one of its favorite foods.

Iceland Gull, first winter

Another winter visitor.

Iceland Gull with Ring-billed Gull (right) and Herring Gull, winter adult (left)

This photo provides a nice size comparison of the Iceland Gull to the more common ring-billed and herring gulls. Per the field guides, the herring is largest at 25 inches, then the Iceland at 22 inches, followed by the ring-billed at 17.5 inches.

Hey, she’s taking our picture…1,2,3 duck!

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  1. Great shots Tom !!

    17 April 2014 at 10:01 pm

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