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Two Feet of Snow Last Night

Just when you realize you probably have too much snow on the ground!! (more…)

Reminders of Summer

Found this warbler nest in the snow today!! This snow covered nest reminds me . . . that I make it through the winter knowing the Warblers will return in the spring!!

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Snapping Turtle walking on the Ice

Snapping Turtle on Ice
Yes that is a Snapping Turtle on the Ice

You always need to be ready to expect the unexpected and last Friday was one of those days. I have seen Amphibians climbing over the ice and snow to get to their vernal pools (which should be happening soon) . . . . but I never thought about Reptiles enjoying winter sports!!! Friday I found this Snapping Turtle ice skating across Red House Lake in Allegany State Park and so I asked this turtle, “Dude . . . . what are you thinking?”

Special Places [Wordless Wednesday]

Snowy Evening Lighthouse


Following Mammal Tracks in the Snow

mouse tracks and grass
Mouse tracks and Queen Ann’s Lace!

This time of the year I find my blogging opportunities are a bit more limited than during the summer months and I am looking down more than up into the tree tops! This weekend with the fresh snow on the ground, I never anticipate the many opportunities to find some exciting animal prints!

Allegany State Park Can-Am Dog Sled Race

Sled Dogs

Today the Canadian-American Dog Sledders had their annual dog sled race here in Allegany State Park, NY. I took this opportunity to capture a few pictures of these great team of dogs working together to reach the finish line.

Winter in Allegany

Administration Building
The Administration Building

We are expecting a deep freeze this week here in Allegany and without a doubt the skiers and snowmobilers couldn’t be any happier. Thought this would be a great opportunity to finally post a few of my snowy shots from this November when the hills still had a little color on it.

Nature Haikus – December

wind dropping snow on me!!

By Young Naturalist E

Snow flakes fall softly
Church bells are ringing clearly
Happy children play

Allegany the Winter Wonderland

Administration Building
Allegany State Park’s Administration Building.


Wordless Wednesday – Holidays

Christmas Decorations
Getting into the Holiday Spirit