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Long Time No Blog

Taken with iPhone
Me with Franklin

I keep hearing from everyone    “ PLEASE BLOG” . . . . “TOM you have not updated in forever”!! Ok . . . I love you guys also! Here is the skinny . . . I do plan to do Owls this Fall but it will not be in the park this year!! Yes . . . Patty and I purchased a new home!!! Just closed yesterday!!! Perfect for Owl Banding!!!

Along Chautauqua Lake

five woodducks

A few summer photos taken from the pontoon boat on Chautauqua Lake.

Little Snapping Turtle

Baby Snapping Turtle
Top Side of the Turtle

I encountered a tiny Snapping Turtle crossing the road today. I had almost hit it but quickly realized what it was and then gave it an escort to avoid becoming crow food.

Non-birds at Chincoteague

Delmarva Peninsula Fox Squirrel
Delmarva Peninsula Fox Squirrel

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is known for its ponies and its migratory birds but having such outstanding habitat on the island, you would expect to find some other hidden treasures!! The first hidden treasure can be easily locate on Chincoteague and called the Delmarva Peninsula Fox Squirrel. This squirrel has been recognized as a subspecies of the fox squirrel and is listed on the endangered species list. I found it interesting that the Delmarva name come from where these squirrels had first originated: Delaware, Maryland and Virginia! I think they are adorable little squirrels to me!

Snapping Turtle walking on the Ice

Snapping Turtle on Ice
Yes that is a Snapping Turtle on the Ice

You always need to be ready to expect the unexpected and last Friday was one of those days. I have seen Amphibians climbing over the ice and snow to get to their vernal pools (which should be happening soon) . . . . but I never thought about Reptiles enjoying winter sports!!! Friday I found this Snapping Turtle ice skating across Red House Lake in Allegany State Park and so I asked this turtle, “Dude . . . . what are you thinking?”

Happy Valentines Day

Staying Warm
Tree Swallows

Happy Valentines Day everyone . . . . This is a day for spending time with your love ones!

Little Wood Turtle

Wood Turtle
Wood Turtle

Today I found a tiny wood turtle along one of the paths that I was walking here in Allegany State Park. Wasn’t the smallest Wood Turtle that I have ever found but it is unusual to find little ones like this!! Of course I had to take a few pictures of it!