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Featured Blog on Nature Blog Network

back lighting
Cedar Waxwing with Honeysuckle

The Nature Blog Network made the Monarch Nature Blog the Featured Blog of the week!! Wren was able to get a few details about me that I don’t normally talk about! Be sure to check it out!!

Happy Valentines Day

Staying Warm
Tree Swallows

Happy Valentines Day everyone . . . . This is a day for spending time with your love ones!

Monarch Butterfly [Poem]

Mon@rch and its Milkweed

Monarch Butterflies

Regal autumn travelers

robed for mediaeval pageantry
in velvet orange and black

Moving in great procession

on tissue wings
from Canada to Monterey, the Sierra Madre

The North American Continent a court for this lepidoptery

By: Maxwell Corydon Wheat, Jr ©