My life is about living with nature – here you can live it with me!

day one – North Country Trail

Fun Backpacking Trip

Today was the start of my back packing trip along the North Country Trail with two young naturalist. We started at the administration building here in Allegany State Park and headed to the Stony Brook Lean-to for an overnight. All morning we watched the NEXRAD radar which said that it was finally clear for us to start hiking. Of course, it rained for the first 1 ½ hours of hiking!  We stopped at the Conservation Trail Lean-to and took some time to eat our Subway subs (and to try to stay dry).  We arrived after 5 hours of hiking at the Stony Brook Lean-to.  After setting up the tents, we made dinner, joked around and got a camp fire going.  With our luck, after going to bed we had two porcupines started chewing on the lean-to building and I finally was able to fall asleep after being absolutely exhausted.  I noticed mice running around the outside of the tents about 5:30 am and the coyotes howling about 8:30am the following Morning.   What a night, look at the pictures and learn more about the trip.

 night time campfire exploring   are we there yet? ...............<FONT style=   night time visitor

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