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Nature Haikus – Frogs

Bullfrog up close

By Young Naturalist C

The frogs are cheerful
Hopping onto lily pads
With a plip and plop

Salamander Migration 2009

Wednesday night was about the Salamanders with the blue-black body and distinct overlaid rows of yellow spots along its sides, back and tail. Its scientific name is Ambystoma maculatum and since “maculatum” means spotted . . . . . we call these guys the “Spotted Salamander”. But predicting the movement from their wintering holes to their breeding pools can be sometimes is a little tricky.

Spotted Salamander
Smiling Spotted Salamander


Cooked Frog Legs

frog legs
Over Cooked Pickerel

When hurricane Ike arrived in the Great Lakes area yesterday, it brought with it some high winds which whipped around tree branches and we had debris flying around everywhere! Yep you guessed it; my power went out about 8:30pm from a fallen tree taking down some power lines. I never got my power back until about 6pm this evening!!! This morning I was part of the crew who worked with the electricians in getting some of the lines back up! After the power was shut off we investigated where the lines had charcoaled the ground . . . . wait a second, we need to investigate this spot closer . . . . . look it’s a zapped Pickerel Frog!!! My guess is that it was electrocuted as it tried jumping away but no matter what happened the poor little froggy didn’t have a chance!!

Please Smile

Smile Mr. Toad
Please Smile Mr. Toad

Sometimes we need a reminder that it’s ok to smile! Found this sad American Toad during an evening hike last night and I just thought he looked soo sad (cute but sad)!!

Allenburg Bog

Allenburg Bog

I was in Allenburg Bog today with Dragonfly Eye who was searching for a bog Dragonfly species that has never been observed in this bog before! Obviously we didn’t locate the “Boghaunter” but we did manage to find a few Darner species and a few damselfly species.

Frogs on the Road [Video]

Wood Frog Portrait

Friday night while the Spotted Salamanders were moving, I also had an opportunity to photograph some frogs that were also crossing the road.

Little Movement Tonight

Spotted Salamander
Spotted Salamander along the road!

I had some movement of amphibians along the roads here in Allegany State Park tonight. I ended up going home before seeing any huge numbers of Salamanders migrating to the vernal pools and doing their yearly ritual.