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Woolly Bear

Woolly Bear
Wooly Bear

Yesterday I had found my first of the year Woolly Bear (CHECK) in the grass! These fuzzy caterpillars are regularly seen during the fall and spring before becoming an ugly moth . . . . Many know the woolly bear for the superstition of forecasting the severity of the coming winter by the amount of black on the caterpillar’s body. Hmmm does this guy reflect your winter?

End of 2007

Hummingbird Moth
Hummingbird Moth photo from August 2003

It seems like the end of 2007 has been just buzzing by so quickly. I had a hard time thinking of a critter that buzzed and suddenly I remember some older (2003) video that I captured of a Hummingbird Moth!!   Hope you enjoy this cute little moth! (more…)

White-marked Tussock Moth

By Young Naturalist D

My Dad found a caterpillar on a plum tree during the last days of summer (August 27th). It had a red head with black antennas. At first glance they appeared twice as long as they really were because of all the long black hairs on them. The caterpillar also had four white clumps of hair sticking up along the upper part of its back. Starting at the second hairy white clump there was a yellow stripe on either side running down its back. It also had white clumps of hair around every leg. Overall it had a light green body. Dad thought something so strange looking might not be good for his plum tree so he brought it inside and asked us four kids to figure out what it was.

White-Marked Tussock moth
White-marked Tussock Moth photo by Young Naturalist H.


Allegany Post by Others

Having some problems with the post I had planned! SORRY! So, here are a few other blog post that I have found that are related to the Allegany Nature Pilgrimage that everyone should check out :

Biological Ramblings – You must see the amazing herps that he found here in Allegany!

A Passion for Nature – Jen had such a wonderful time that I rarely saw her!

Dragonfly Eye  – Jeremy is amazing with the Dragonflies! Just check out the Dflies he found! Hint (Common Sanddragon)

Life in the Bristolwood was a blog that I found via a google search!

Jeff  – How cool, found also in the google search and Jeff attended my Old Growth Walk!  Would have commented but not a my space member.

Bill of the Birds – who was our Saturday evening speaker! Heck, he’s BT3 what else can I say!

While you are catching up on the recent Allegany Nature Pilgrimage post, I will figure out what went wrong with the post I had planned!!  BTW:  Wednesday morning I am doing my rescheduled SWAT – MAPS banding that was canceled due to he rain on Monday.  Expect many more great up close banding photos!

Allegany Nature Pilgrimage

This weekend was the 49th annual Allegany Nature Pilgrimage held here in Allegany State Park. This is my 12th year attending the pilgrimage and my 9th year as a trip leader. This year I was asked to lead two “Old Growth Forest Hikes” into the Big Basin area. I tried to show everyone a few different forest types so that everyone could have a better understanding of how an older growth forest operates. The two groups I took on the walk were wonderful and I had an opportunity to show the old growth forest to 67 different individuals.

Silk Moth Species (more…)

Keeping Busy

This year I am starting a second MAPS banding station and of course I waited till the last second to set both of the stations. I have had to pull multi flora rose thorns out of my leg, been bitten by bugs, scratched my eye with a stick, blisters are on my hands and I am just tired for working till 9pm each night. This evening I finally have gotten everything ready for one of the stations to be open and hope to finish setting up the second station tomorrow evening sometime (before the weather gets iffy again).

Stewart's Soda and Ice-cream (more…)