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Rooster Tail

Whenever water levels are high in Allegany State Park . . . I always make it a point to see how high the Rooster Tail is over on the Quaker Lake Overspill.  Many years ago, I had seen the Rooster Tail higher than the lake.

Wildgame Innovations x6c

Been using my newer trail camera out behind the house this fall. The question is always . . . . “do the deer see the camera” . . . . without a doubt they do and I am sure many deer are camera shy!! Will not upload every video I capture but from time to time I will let people see the good ones!!!

The Nature Conservancy

Spotted Salamander
Spotted Salamander

Exciting News: The Nature Conservancy has recently published an article on Critical Linkages: Resolving the Conflict Between Roads and Wildlife. With permission TNC used video footage of the Spotted Salamanders that I have filmed here in Allegany State Park. They also used the above photo in the cover of the Massachusetts Nature Conservancy Newsletter.

Baby Mergansers

Mamma Common Merganser
Common Merganser mom and babies

Today found a mother Merganser walking her babies down a drainage ditch. Mom quickly flew when I first saw them and babies followed (see following videos from my iPhone)


Allegany Creek [video]

Great day today and the creek was beautiful!! (more…)

Symphony of Science

Only the coolest science youtube videos ever!!!

Symphony of Science – The Poetry of Reality

American Woodcock Display [Video]

Bird Club
The Cattaraugus County Bird Club

Today the Cattaraugus County Bird Club had a field trip to watch the display of the American Woodcock in Allegany State Park. We started a little after dinner searching for spring migrants but the main purpose of the trip was to find the American Woodcock.