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Nature Haikus – Salamanders

Spotted Salamander in the Water
Spotted Salamander

By Young Naturalist C, Young Naturalist E and Adele

Slick salamanders
Roaming in the wet, wild woods
Looking for their love

Salamander Migration 2009

Wednesday night was about the Salamanders with the blue-black body and distinct overlaid rows of yellow spots along its sides, back and tail. Its scientific name is Ambystoma maculatum and since “maculatum” means spotted . . . . . we call these guys the “Spotted Salamander”. But predicting the movement from their wintering holes to their breeding pools can be sometimes is a little tricky.

Spotted Salamander
Smiling Spotted Salamander


Last Nights Salamanders

Spotted Salamander
You need to be fast for the perfect Salamander photo!

By 8pm the migration had not started yet . . . . . but our sprinkles were quickly turning into heavier drops!! We investigated the Vernal Pools again by 10:30pm and were welcomed by a few amphibians just starting their migration! The migration of the Spotted Salamanders only happen a few nights a year when we receive the first warm rain of the season. I am busy with my time right now but promise my next post will include the full details on our amazing night!!   Here are just a few teaser photos for everyone!

Little Movement Tonight

Spotted Salamander
Spotted Salamander along the road!

I had some movement of amphibians along the roads here in Allegany State Park tonight. I ended up going home before seeing any huge numbers of Salamanders migrating to the vernal pools and doing their yearly ritual.

Wood Frogs [springtime]

Wood Frog
Looking at a Wood Frog up close!

I have been teased recently with Nina’s special evening and Tom’s spring is coming posts talking about the big “amphibian/salamander night”! Many might remember my big migration night from last year on the 27 March 2007 and you just never know when the “big night” will happen this spring . . . . well, until maybe a night or two before the big event. I was looking back on my previous dates and they ranged from the 13th of March up to the 7th of April. What I am looking for is the weather to be very warm during the day and a rainy night to happen . . . . and then you will be seeing me standing out in the rain just waiting for the amphibian migration with camera in hand !! (more…)

Less Daylight Hours and Spotted Salamanders

Spotted Salamander
Spotted Salamander heading towards the woods.

I did a post almost 7 months ago on the migration of the Spotted Salamander. Each spring these large salamanders come out of the ground and migrate to special mud puddles called vernal pools. It is in these vernal pools where they breed and the females will lay their eggs. It is such an amazing spring time event and who would expect that I would find two of these salamanders crossing the roads during mid October (going the opposite direction?)? (more…)