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Nature Haikus – Whales

whale tail

By Young Naturalist C

Giant sea vessels
Traveling through large oceans
Singing as they swim


Nature Haikus – Winter

Redhouse before it froze over!
Red House Lake

By Young Naturalist C

Snow laden branches
Hide secrets in the forest
Waiting to be found


Nature Haikus – Seasonal Fun

the ride up the hill

By Young Naturalist C

Seasonal Fun

Winter has arrived

Skiers and snowboarders slide

Down snow covered trails


Nature Haikus – Apples

Apples at the Apple Fest

By Young Naturalist C

Flowering in the spring
In summer, ripe apples come
Red and delicious

Nature Haiku – Tree

The Old White Pine

By Young Naturalist C


Standing tall and strong

It waves to the fluffy clouds

With its green fingers


Nature Haiku – Bees

Queen Anns Lace

By Young Naturalist C

Black and yellow stripes
Buzzing around the flowers
Spreading the pollen

Nature Haiku – Dandelions


By Young Naturalist C

Bright dandelions
With time, turn to silken fluff
Little children’s friend

Nature Haikus – Flowers

bloodroot flower

By Young Naturalist C

Blooming everywhere
Beautifully sweet smelling
Where the green grass grows

Nature Haikus – Salamanders

Spotted Salamander in the Water
Spotted Salamander

By Young Naturalist C, Young Naturalist E and Adele

Slick salamanders
Roaming in the wet, wild woods
Looking for their love

Nature Haikus – Frogs

Bullfrog up close

By Young Naturalist C

The frogs are cheerful
Hopping onto lily pads
With a plip and plop

Nature Haikus – Moon

Red House Lake by moonlight

By Young Naturalist C

Shining upon us
Glowing pale yellow with stars
In the blue darkness

Nature Haikus – Fish


By Young Naturalist C

Swimming in the sea
Fish of different colors
Shiny and slimy

Nature Haikus – Ducks


By Young Naturalist C

Take-off formation
Flap, flapping in the daytime
Quaking all day long

Nature Haikus – Summer

Great Spangled Fritillary
Great Spangled Fritillary

By Young Naturalist C

Butterflies dancing
In the air, sweet with flowers
With vivid colors

Nature Haikus – Sun

Nicole's Sunset
Sunset photo by Nicole

Nature Haikus By Young Naturalist C

Shining in the sky
Bright yellow ball of fire
In a sea of blue


Nature Haikus – December

wind dropping snow on me!!

By Young Naturalist E

Snow flakes fall softly
Church bells are ringing clearly
Happy children play

Nature Haikus – by E

Very Green Trail

By Young Naturalist E

The grass was so soft
The shade was cool on my face
Birds are twittering