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Happy Mothers Day

4 hungry birds

Happy Mothers Day Everyone because we all know your job is never done!

Wordless Wednesday [Self-portrait]


Young Naturalist J.


Doing our Part for the Kids

Every year the staff of Allegany State Park collect unwrapped toys for the Marines Toys for Tots Foundation. Today the Marines arrived to pick up all these wonderful toys to be distributed to many needy children in the local community.

Toys for Tots
My photo opportunity with a Marine & some of the Toys.


Nature Haikus – December

wind dropping snow on me!!

By Young Naturalist E

Snow flakes fall softly
Church bells are ringing clearly
Happy children play

Nature Haikus – by E

Very Green Trail

By Young Naturalist E

The grass was so soft
The shade was cool on my face
Birds are twittering

Nature Haikus – Road Kill

An Opossum up close!
Opossum that wasn’t roadkill.

By Young Naturalist C

Road Kill
Blood is everywhere
Unlucky small animal
Torn into pieces (more…)

Butterflies and Kids

summer azure
Summer Azure

Children are naturally attracted to butterflies and moths, just as they are to birds. However, unless you have a busy bird feeder or larger raptors flying around, it can be difficult for kids to locate birds in the wild. Songbirds do not typically sit still long enough to be seen and can quickly disappear as fast as they arrive. I myself have a hard time seeing many of the birds I hear fluttering around the trees and shrubs.

Last Child in the Woods [Bookreview]

I am not one to review books but the “Last Child in the Woods – Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder” by Richard Louv just seemed too perfect of a book for me not to recommend to the many home schoolers, educators and parents that visit this blog. Louv goes into great depth about how our children are increasingly disconnected from nature and why it is important to have our children around nature. (more…)

Nature Haikus – Snowflakes

Lake Effect

By Young Naturalist C

Swirling, whirling down
In a winter wonderland
In different shapes (more…)