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Never-Ending Birds [Poetry Review]


The book “Never-Ending Birds”, a book of poems by David Baker, is definitely not a children’s bedtime story. These poems make you think about all the things that are around you. I really enjoyed the poem called “Little Orchard” because of the beautiful imagery and the creative hyperboles. This is a great book for those people who love to be outside and see the wonders of the Earth.

Inner Beauty of Nature [Book Review]

The most recent book that I was asked to review is the “Inner Beauty of Nature: X-Ray Photography” who was written by Bert Myers, 2007. The beginning of the book discusses the history and techniques used regarding X-Ray photography and how the author started his interest in this kind of photography. The highlight of the book is the multiple X-Ray photos captured in black and white, then includes some of these images being processed with color.

By Bert Myers


for the BIRDS [Book Review]

The book “for the BIRDS: A Month-by-Month Guide to Attracting Birds to Your Backyard” was written by three sisters “Anne Schmauss”, “Mary Schmauss” and “Geni Krolick”. I found this book just as cute inside as it appears on the outside cover. The first 50 pages gets into the basics explaining the pro and cons of different seed types, bird suet, nectar, bird baths, and nest boxes that should be used in the habitat that you have created in your backyard. The rest of the book is broken down into a month-by-month explanation of expected birds that you would find at your feeder, suggested seed mixtures to be used and other backyard tips to improve the birds in your yard for that month.



Last Child in the Woods [Bookreview]

I am not one to review books but the “Last Child in the Woods – Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder” by Richard Louv just seemed too perfect of a book for me not to recommend to the many home schoolers, educators and parents that visit this blog. Louv goes into great depth about how our children are increasingly disconnected from nature and why it is important to have our children around nature. (more…)