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for the BIRDS [Book Review]

The book “for the BIRDS: A Month-by-Month Guide to Attracting Birds to Your Backyard” was written by three sisters “Anne Schmauss”, “Mary Schmauss” and “Geni Krolick”. I found this book just as cute inside as it appears on the outside cover. The first 50 pages gets into the basics explaining the pro and cons of different seed types, bird suet, nectar, bird baths, and nest boxes that should be used in the habitat that you have created in your backyard. The rest of the book is broken down into a month-by-month explanation of expected birds that you would find at your feeder, suggested seed mixtures to be used and other backyard tips to improve the birds in your yard for that month.



birdQUIZ Blog is Back

birdQUIZ blog
The most recent birdQUIZ

Some of you might have noticed that Young Naturalist J (aka Birdbander11) has started postings over on birdQUIZ. I figured since he likes doing his bird quizzes on flickr . . . . he should also start posting them on this blog!! I have given him the permission to upload to the blog and he has been doing a wonderful job with the two post that he has done already (see the links below)!! So, let me introduce Birdbander11 (although he will always be Young Naturalist J to me)!! (more…)

NYS Ornithological Association Annual Meeting

Peregrine Falcon
Peregrine Falcon at Iroquois

This weekend I attended the New York State Ornithological Association Annual Meeting in Batavia, New York. This meeting was hosted by the Buffalo Ornithological Society and I would like to say “thanks” for doing such an astonishing job organizing everything. You guessed it . . . . I had a LIFER this weekend!! (more…)