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birdQUIZ Blog is Back

birdQUIZ blog
The most recent birdQUIZ

Some of you might have noticed that Young Naturalist J (aka Birdbander11) has started postings over on birdQUIZ. I figured since he likes doing his bird quizzes on flickr . . . . he should also start posting them on this blog!! I have given him the permission to upload to the blog and he has been doing a wonderful job with the two post that he has done already (see the links below)!! So, let me introduce Birdbander11 (although he will always be Young Naturalist J to me)!!

I have just started learning how to post on mon@rch’s nature blog recently and learning the html codes. I am working on bringing back the birdQUIZ blog . So far there has been two new posts and I am planning on adding more as soon as I get the chance. Which should be soon!

Warbler Tail BirdQUIZ

Woodpecker birdQUIZ

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