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Its Friday the 13th and my power at home isn’t working. Guess the thunderstorm fried something again!!!

I think I have let everyone know already but tomorrows CLDL banding has been canceled due to 80 percent chance of thunderstorms hitting in the morning. We have rescheduled the banding for Sunday morning instead. Call me or email me if anyone has any questions.

Since my power is out, I am testing my blackberry with my first BB post. Hope it works. . . . BTW that photo is from young naturalist j last month when he was camping in the park.
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By the way Tom’s BlackBerry did not get this on the web but it did get on flickr so this is YOUNG NATURALIST J doing this post!!!

birdQUIZ Blog is Back

birdQUIZ blog
The most recent birdQUIZ

Some of you might have noticed that Young Naturalist J (aka Birdbander11) has started postings over on birdQUIZ. I figured since he likes doing his bird quizzes on flickr . . . . he should also start posting them on this blog!! I have given him the permission to upload to the blog and he has been doing a wonderful job with the two post that he has done already (see the links below)!! So, let me introduce Birdbander11 (although he will always be Young Naturalist J to me)!! (more…)

Got a couple on mon@rch

American Avocet

On the 8th of July, mon@rch was taking me home from a day of bird banding at the SWAT site. About five minutes after he took me home I got a phone call from my neighbors wanting to know if I would like to come with her to the mouth of the Cattaraugus Creek and Lake Erie to see a “bird”. She did not tell me what the bird was so I knew it would be good. Keep in mind this was about five minutes after mon@rch left. My neighbor picked me up at my house and brought me down to the lake to look at this “bird”. She has still not told me what it was and so we walked down to the beach. There was the “bird” wading on the shore. (more…)