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Never-Ending Birds [Poetry Review]


The book “Never-Ending Birds”, a book of poems by David Baker, is definitely not a children’s bedtime story. These poems make you think about all the things that are around you. I really enjoyed the poem called “Little Orchard” because of the beautiful imagery and the creative hyperboles. This is a great book for those people who love to be outside and see the wonders of the Earth.

Little Orchard by David Baker
How many trees- miniature at that-
before we call it an orchard. How much
pleasure bobs there, for how many songbirds.
Something so big in the little fruit trees.
Yet one peck and they spoil the juvenile fruit.
And the deer lean their whole earthly weight
to the mesh fencing, scraping the mild
derma of trunks down to the infant bone.
and beetles drink the last precious sap
as we drink the sap of what’s left, even
after it’s dry. And fly away, separate,
each to a high separate limb. Crisp leaves.
And the green pears shrivel hard as nuts.
And something strips the sour cherry overnight.
Fruit for the beast. Not a leaf left for love.

(Reviewed by Young Naturalist C who is the author of many of our Nature Haikus that are published on this blog!)

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Copyrighted by David Baker

One response

  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    This sounds like a book I would love to read. Thank you for the review.

    23 December 2009 at 8:45 am

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