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Dead Birds Falling From the Sky

I have been looking for more info on the birds that seem to be falling from the sky. If you have not heard about it yet . . . New Year’s Eve a few thousand birds were found dead in central Arkansas. It has been believed that around 4-5 thousand Red-winged Blackbirds had fallen from the sky and died from some kind of trauma. First reports seemed to state it was caused by hail or fireworks. Now another 500 birds have also been found dead along roads in the state of Louisiana only 300 miles south of the Arkansas area. Scientists are now stumped as to what the cause of these birds’ deaths and not even sure if these two instances are related or not. (more…)

Staghorn Sumac and Birds

American Robin
American Robin about to feed on Staghorn Sumac

Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina) is a small tree with hairy twigs, hairy leave stalks and hairy fruit. The tree gets its name for the resemblance the branches have with deer’s antlers when the antlers are “in velvet”. The Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants says “American Indians used berries in cough syrups. Berry tea used for lung ailments. Gargled for sore throats and worms. Leaf tea used for sore throats, tonsillitis. Root or bark tea astringent; used for bleeding”. But do note they remind us; “Do not confuse Staghorn Sumac with Poison Sumac”!!!

Hawk Hideaway Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Snowy Owl

The other day I had the opportunity to visit my dear friends John and Mary over at Hawk Hideaway Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Cuba, NY. During our visit their educational Snowy Owl was very vocal in the back room and we took a look on why it was so vocal!

Nature Haikus – by E

Very Green Trail

By Young Naturalist E

The grass was so soft
The shade was cool on my face
Birds are twittering

Wordless Wednesday – Wet Feather

Wet Feather (more…)