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Witch-hazel in flower!
My Favorite Tree Flower

Witch-hazel (H. virginiana)

Nature Haiku – Tree

The Old White Pine

By Young Naturalist C


Standing tall and strong

It waves to the fluffy clouds

With its green fingers


American Chestnut Blight

Am Chestnut Blight

This tiny Fungus has nearly wiped out all of the American Chestnut Trees



Witch-hazel leaves & flowers

Witch-hazel is my favorite tree for many reasons. . . . It has always been a topic of discussion on if it is either a tree or a shrub?? My personal feeling is that this is more of a tree than a shrub but that is just my personal thought (no science behind that statement). I also love that this trees leaf is odd shaped and has some unique flowers. I can always find this tree flowering around mid October which I think is an excellent time of the year!! The greatest part of Witch-hazel is that people can extract an astringent from the bark and leaves that is used for things like; a hemorrhoid medication, shaving lotion, bug bites, acne cream and even helps with poison ivy! (more…)