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Osprey Eating Fish

Osprey Eating Dinner


Stocking the Creeks

Brook Trout
Brook Trout

April 1st is the first day of the Trout season here in New York State and this is the day that everyone is excited to catch their first Trout of the season! I was lucky enough to help the DEC on the 31st March with stocking of Brown Trout and Brook Trout along the streams in Allegany State Park!

Nature Haikus – Fish


By Young Naturalist C

Swimming in the sea
Fish of different colors
Shiny and slimy

Fish Stocking

Brook Trout
Brook Trout

Today I had the opportunity to help with stocking 5,000 Brook Trout and 5,000 Brown Trout here in the State Park. It is a tradition of many fishermen to go out on the 1st of April and catch their first trout for the season.

Bonaparte’s Gull Feeding [video]

Almost something from the movie
A few Bonaparte’s Gulls

I was busy with a few personal things this weekend! But I did take a quick trip over to Dunkirk Harbor in search of some waterfowl! The Bonaparte’s Gull seemed to be the most dominate bird that I was able to locate but did find a few other special birds! (more…)


kids fishing

Yesterday the Recreation Department hosted their first fishing derby here in Allegany State Park. This derby was for kids aged 15 and under with over 150 children who registered to participate in this event. I was asked to help with the fishing tournament at one of the check in stations to report their captures (then release their fish due to this being a catch and release event). (more…)

Stocking Fish in Allegany State Park

Brook Trout

Today I had the opportunity to help with some stocking of Brook Trout here in Allegany State Park. I was only able to participate with a few stops but today they proposed throwing in about a thousand fishies into the streams! Not being a fisherman, I was amazed at how colorful and beautiful these Brook Trout are. (more…)