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Bonaparte’s Gulls

Ebuffalo2 056
Bonaparte’s Gulls, non-breeding plumage

By: Pat Coate

Another quick stop I made while up in the Buffalo area was Beaver Island State Park. The park sits on the southern edge of Grand Island, which is an island in the Niagara River. The park offers a number of habitats including wetlands, lagoon/pond, wooded, and beach areas. At the southern-most end of the park, there were mudflat and shallow areas on the river where hundreds of Bonaparte’s gulls had gathered.


Bonaparte’s Gull Feeding [video]

Almost something from the movie
A few Bonaparte’s Gulls

I was busy with a few personal things this weekend! But I did take a quick trip over to Dunkirk Harbor in search of some waterfowl! The Bonaparte’s Gull seemed to be the most dominate bird that I was able to locate but did find a few other special birds! (more…)