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Opossum [video]

Playing Possum
Daylight Opossum playing possum

Today I found an Opossum foraging for food along the roadside. Typically I find them during night time hours, so I used this opportunity to try and capture a little video of this ugly guy! I approached very slowly and because it was soo focused on gathering food . . . it did not notice me for about 5 or so minutes. I observed it feeding on something in the grass but couldn’t tell exactly what it was (assuming some kind of grub). I made a little noise to get its attention and then it suddenly played possum! I took a few photos and after backing off some, it came back to life. It showed me its teeth and then decided to run away! The Opossum was still observed foraging in the same field when I returned 15 minutes later to point him out to someone. (more…)


After doing the last of my Christmas shopping this evening . . . . I approach some red reflective eyes from my headlamps. I quickly jumped out of my vehicle and anticipated capturing a few pictures of the Opossum . . . . but it ended up disappeared into the dogwoods. Could this white bearded . . . . sausage toed . . . . jolly guy be Saint Nicholas helper checking to see who has been naughty and who has been nice?

Opossum from the Winter of 2006 .