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Balls of Fuzz

Muskrat in icy water

It was such a beautiful day out today with warmer sun-rays striking my face! I enjoyed a spectacular walk around Red House Lake and it seemed like the Chipmunks were dancing around their holes saying hello!! This was my first of the year Eastern Chipmunk for me (CHECK) . . . . about time they wake up!

What a Chipmunk?

Eastern Chipmunk (older photo)

I would have never predicted that on December 26 an Eastern Chipmunk would be running around with morning temperatures of 19°F. My Chipmunk friend should be in its torpor state, where he will reduce his body temperature and taking a longer than normal nap! Eastern Chipmunks are not true hibernators and have been known to come out of their burrow when temperatures get warm (note warm!). I wonder if this is a sign that my reddish-brown (with white/black stripes) chippy friend  knows that temperatures will be getting warmer than normal this month?? I sure hope he found some seeds on his quick adventure into our icy/snowy wonderland!! (more…)