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Turkey Vultures

Turkey Vultures

By: Pat Coate

Turkey vultures are very common in most states (though some only during breeding season) including New York. The black vulture is a more southern U.S. species and had rarely been seen here in Western NY. But over the past several years black vultures are being reported more often as their territory seems to be expanding northwards.

One local area where black vultures are now consistently being reported, roosting in the same area as turkey vultures, is the Village of Lewiston. We made a quick stop there on our Buffalo-area birding trip. Though we didn’t see the black vultures there were about 20 turkey vultures in the area.


Balls of Fuzz

Muskrat in icy water

It was such a beautiful day out today with warmer sun-rays striking my face! I enjoyed a spectacular walk around Red House Lake and it seemed like the Chipmunks were dancing around their holes saying hello!! This was my first of the year Eastern Chipmunk for me (CHECK) . . . . about time they wake up!