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Mizzy Lake Trail – Muskrat

By: Pat Coate

While in the Muskoka region of Ontario, several of us spent a day up in Algonquin Provincial Park doing some hiking or, more accurately, partaking in my annual search for moose. Struck out on the moose (tracks and droppings don’t really count), but we enjoyed a sunrise hike along the Mizzy Lake trail and then a couple of other trails off of Highway 60.

Balls of Fuzz

Muskrat in icy water

It was such a beautiful day out today with warmer sun-rays striking my face! I enjoyed a spectacular walk around Red House Lake and it seemed like the Chipmunks were dancing around their holes saying hello!! This was my first of the year Eastern Chipmunk for me (CHECK) . . . . about time they wake up!

Muskrat [Video]

Muskrat smiling for the camera

Yesterday while looking for some Waterfowl . . . we came across this very cooperative Muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) who put a show on for us. We watched it dive underwater, grab some vegetation from under the ice and come back up to chew all of the best parts of the plant. We could have watched this cute little guy all day long! These over-sized rodents get their name from some scent glands they have for marking its territory with a strong musky odor! Lucky we didn’t get to smell that odor today but did get some cool photos of the muskrat!