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Common Redpoll

Common Redpoll

By: Pat Coate

Nice to start the new year off with a new bird – the common redpoll is a lifer for me. We’ve had a pair at our feeders this week. These little finches seem a bit mixed up as they have chosen to winter in WNY where we have a beautiful 18 inches of snow on the ground. In the arctic regions, where common redpolls spend their summers, they have been known to burrow into the snow to sleep (and better maintain their body temperature) and have survived temperatures well below zero (-65 degrees!)



Northern Visitors [Video]

Common Redpoll and Pine Siskin

Common Redpoll and Pine Siskin

For the past few weeks my northern guest have continued visiting my bird feeders! Three years ago the Pine Siskins actually stuck around all summer and nested in my back yard! Wouldn’t it be neat to have both Pine Siskins and Redpolls spending the summer with me this year??

Another Redpoll Video

Check out the Jamestown Audubon article on Winter Redpolls written for the local newspaper! They emailed me yesterday asking to use two of my photos for the article! Thanks Jen and Sarah.  This is an almost Wordless Wednesday video post!

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Redpoll or Northpole? [videos]

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Common Redpoll Video [1:04]

No matter how hard you try . . . You will never be able to convince me that another bird species bird doesn’t have as much Christmas spirit as the Common Redpoll. Being an irruptive species . . . Santa visits my house more than the Common Redpoll does! But, they do breed in Alaska across northern Canada in areas not that far South from the North Pole. They have amazing little reddish-pink Christmas outfits with some white wing bars and a streaked belly. They have a black beard, mustache (almost like Santa) and bright red Christmas cap on their head!! Best part about the Common Redpoll is that whenever they arrive at your feeders . . . it feels like Christmas Day when you just opened your “big” present! (more…)

Winter Finch Arrive (Finally)

Red Poll
Pine Siskin and Common Redpoll (Feb 2004)

I woke up and found a Common Redpoll feeding with a flock of American Goldfinch this morning! OMG – that was my first for the year Redpoll (CHECK)! I think it has been since the winter of 2003-04 since I have seen one of these guys and there it was sitting on my birdfeeder! (THINK TOM) I quickly scattered to get my camera and of course it flew away just as I was pulling my camera up to take its picture!! So, after getting my hair cut . . . I spent the day trying to capture a picture of that Redpoll! (more…)