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Reminders of Summer

Found this warbler nest in the snow today!! This snow covered nest reminds me . . . that I make it through the winter knowing the Warblers will return in the spring!!

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Least Bittern

Least Bittern on nest
Female Least Bittern on her Nest!

Answer to yesterday’s birdQUIZ!

Least Bittern!

Bluebirds are in the yard!

Eastern Bluebird
Female Eastern Bluebird from my 2008 photos!

I heard my first Eastern Bluebird singing around the nest boxes in the backyard today. It is amazing how a simple little song can get someone so excited! I suddenly went into dream-land thinking about what I should be expecting throughout the summer in my boxes . . . .

Moms Doves

Mourning Dove
Mourning Dove

I received a phone call from my mother the other day about this brown bird who was nesting in her old bird feeder!! She explained how these Blue Jays were bothering the mother but she appeared to be holding her own. I never expected from her description that the bird would turn out to be a Mourning Dove!!!

Red-winged Blackbird [video]

red-winged blackbird
Female Red-winged Blackbird

Red-winged Blackbirds are typically found nesting near water or directly in the cat-tails marshes, large grasses or low trees but the nest can also be found in unexpected areas like upland fields or pastures. I found this perfect blackbird nest in the grasses while looking for butterflies in the “Bobolink field” a few summers ago. Just as I looked down at the nest (with camera in hand) both parents decided to give me a friendly greeting . . . . (more…)

Remembering Summer Bugs [Wordless Wednesday]

big hornet

Things we don’t normally think about during the winter months when you live in snow country!