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Baby American Robins

Baby Robins
Baby American Robin’s

Baby American Robin’s are ready to fledge the nest!

Just Born

Just Born
Three baby Bluebirds and three baby blue eggs!

This afternoon while checking the bluebird box in the back yard . . . . we had 3 baby bluebirds just hatch!  These babies could have been just a few hours old!  I just love this time of the year!

Bluebirds are in the yard!

Eastern Bluebird
Female Eastern Bluebird from my 2008 photos!

I heard my first Eastern Bluebird singing around the nest boxes in the backyard today. It is amazing how a simple little song can get someone so excited! I suddenly went into dream-land thinking about what I should be expecting throughout the summer in my boxes . . . .

Checking on the Ospreys

Osprey Nest

Thought everyone would like to get an update on some of our nesting Osprey! Babies are growing up fast and theu are already starting to look like mom and dad. Shouldn’t be too long before they start flying!