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Under the Bridge

Barn Swallow
What could this Barn Swallow be doing?



Moms Doves

Mourning Dove
Mourning Dove

I received a phone call from my mother the other day about this brown bird who was nesting in her old bird feeder!! She explained how these Blue Jays were bothering the mother but she appeared to be holding her own. I never expected from her description that the bird would turn out to be a Mourning Dove!!!

Our Nesting Eagles

Bald Ealge Nest
An adult Bald Eagle on the Nest

I got a phone call from a birding friend that one of our Bald Eagle pairs started sitting on her nest last week. After work I jumped into my truck and headed over to see if I could find the nest again. The nest looked a little different from the last time I saw it because a windstorm damaged it last fall. After spending the winter rebuilding/repairing, the pair finally was able to get their eggs laid. Young should hatch in just over a month and the young will be fledging from the nest by mid July. I just love this time of the year.