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Some time between rain showers



September is appearing to be the month of rain!  I took the opportunity to get out and take some pictures between the rain showers.

Winter Wren

This Winter Wren was hanging out around the Bova area where I was looking for some snakes. What was interesting about this bird was the way it would pop up (look for an insect) and then dart back into the shrubs.  Few seconds later it would come back (eat its insect) then dart back into the shrubs!  Between all that I was able to get a few photos!

Bull Frog

This Bull Frog was located while hiking down ASP Rt. 2.  I typically encounter a splash or see a quick movement when walking along any wet area.  Rarely do I encounter or visually get a good look at these squishy little critters.  But, today was an exception. I happen to encounter it just before the big jump and started to move slowly. With a blink of an eye it disappeared into the water but just after a few clicks of the camera.   

snapping turtle

Snapping Turtles are sometimes encountered along the roadside in the spring laying their eggs.  In September you’re more than likely to find them along the waters edge looking for food.  This snapper was spending most of its time with its head underwater moving very slowly.  It seemed to peak its head out of the water, check me out and continue what it was doing.

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