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Bear Visit

Today the weather temp was a high of 86.2F and Low of 54.6F. About 8:30pm there was something that just told me to get up and look outside. What I found was a HUGE black bear that is probably around 200 pounds. It was checking out my grill which I had cooked hamburgers earlier. It then started climbing the tree and eating some sunflowers from my squirrel proof feeder (notice I said squirrel proof). Typically I take this down each evening but this guy beat me to it!! Ugg, Anyways, I started scrambling getting my camera in order to try and take some pictures! Of course, my screen door just kept on making the pictures look goofy but I did luckily get a shot in.

Remember to take down your bird feeders!

Not long after taking the picture, the bear got startled and climbed down the tree. It circled the tree and the bear started coming towards my screen door. I was probably about 5-7 feet away when I slammed the heavy thick door which in turn got the neighbors dog barking. This startled the bear and up into the woods it ran.

big bear


I believe that this bear started coming towards the house thinking I was going to give it handouts! The problem is that too many people try feeding the bears. Although I was very close to the bear, I was safe for the fact that I was able to close the door where it couldn’t get me. People don’t always have that opportunity and chance that the bear could turn on them. Just seeing a huge mammal like this had my heart pumping and was an amazing rush! There is just nothing like that experience!! So, if you do come across a bear in the wild, please don’t try to feed it! Making noise typically is enough to scare it away.

3 responses

  1. OMG Mon@rch!!!!! I’m taking time off from studying for tomorrow’s test to start reading through your blog – you certainly started out with a bang! WOW! I would have been scared so bad I would have slammed the door when I first saw it. So basically if I ever encounter one in the woods, I keep my front facing the bear and make noises? How about eye contact?
    Why is bear pepper spray illegal in NY now?

    5 January 2007 at 11:38 am

  2. No idea what the law is about pepper spray! Bears can be easily be scared off and I wasn’t too worried about it (until it started walkin towards the door)! But, was fun time and my cat was soo fuzzy! She stayed at the window the whole time watching it!

    5 January 2007 at 11:55 pm

  3. coyoteboy

    Enjoyed your bear story:) More and more people have them now!
    They are becoming more common across NA as we continue to move into ‘their’ habitat and many rural areas once farmed are returning to more natural areas.
    I have been learning a lot about bears the last few years. I took an early retirement and moved from Southern Ontario to Elliot Lake North of Lake Huron(about 2 hours East of Soo Michigan) and became involved with the local Naturalists and now Pres. of another project oriented group called Friends of Algoma East.
    I have been doing extensive research and doing Bear Education sessions, using Dr Lynn Rogers information as well as Dr Stephen Herrero(both long term, over 35 years of bear research) to implement a Bear Wise program for our community of about 13000.
    My wife & I attended Dr Rogers ‘Black Bear courses’ in Ely Minn. the last 2 summers with people from all over Canada and the U.S.

    Check out his sites for the Wildlife Research Center and his just opened North American Bear Center.(Ely now has an International Wolf Center and now the Bear Center)
    My wife and I raise Monarchs each year to the joy of children and old children(some in 80’s:)
    We are also involved in Northern Saw Whet Owl nest box/banding project, Wood Duck Nest box program, Wildlife Conflict project, etc etc

    To see what we have done in Ontario to CoExist with Black Bears, check out the Bear Wise site, full of excellent information for CoExisting with Black Bears in Urban Areas.



    13 June 2007 at 12:55 pm

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