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Lifeguard on Duty

Double-crested Cormorant

It feels like summer in Allegany State Park!

My Bird Watcher

Bird Watcher
Phoebe watching the birdies!


Allegany State Park Can-Am Dog Sled Race

Sled Dogs

Today the Canadian-American Dog Sledders had their annual dog sled race here in Allegany State Park, NY. I took this opportunity to capture a few pictures of these great team of dogs working together to reach the finish line.


100% Adorable

Sophie is my friends new puppy . . . I felt she was absolutely bloggable! Thanks Nicole for letting me sharing her with everyone!

Traveling with cats

Think cute?
My Mum’s Cat

It is amazing what some people with do for their pets or as in today’s case what my mother will do for someone else’s cat. Around 3pm I got a frantic message on my cell asking me to call my mother back ASAP. Here I am thinking she was in a car accident or something. . . . she had found a lady who was at a truck-stop/gas-station and her cat somehow jumped out of her vehicle when she exited the car. You guessed it . . . the cat b-lined under a storage shed and couldn’t be convinced to climb out since almost 11am. I think my mothers exact words were “I am not leaving until this poor girls gets her cat back”.

Sunbathing Phoebe


It has been a while since I have posted any Phoebe pictures! Yesterday with perfect lighting . . . I just wanted to photograph everything I saw (including my cats)! Lazy was a little camera shy and hid once I pulled my camera out! Phoebe just didn’t want me blocking the sun!! (more…)

Cat Television

White-breasted Nuthatch
Phoebe watching Cat TV

Being off from work this week has allowed me to spend some valuable time watching Cat TV with my kitties. They needed some bonding time and “they” say I have been ignoring them past few months. I figured I could take this opportunity to watch for winter finches that everyone “else” has been seeing (and not been to my feeders yet). (more…)