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Following Mammal Tracks in the Snow

mouse tracks and grass
Mouse tracks and Queen Ann’s Lace!

This time of the year I find my blogging opportunities are a bit more limited than during the summer months and I am looking down more than up into the tree tops! This weekend with the fresh snow on the ground, I never anticipate the many opportunities to find some exciting animal prints!

Raccoon Hike

Prints into the Sunset
Prints walking towards the sunset!

After work, Grace (aka Ninehtotoo5) and myself headed out to the France Brook area of Allegany State Park to enjoy a hike along the Snowmobile Trail. We quickly saw the Raven’s doing their courtship display and then heard the Red-shouldered Hawks screaming (CHECK) as if they showed up on cue. The truth is that we were after capturing a photo of this Buteo . . . which never really happened!! But we did capture some adorable Raccoon pictures.

Snow Marks

long tailed weasel tracks
What are these tracks . . . 2 by 2, side by side!