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Birding around the Lean-to

Dark-eyed Junco
Dark-eyed Junco

We could only found 17 species of birds around the lean-to during our three days of backpacking on the North County Trail. But, do note that they were great birds to watch as our entertainment while at camp. Dark-eyed Juncos and American Robins were the most visual of all the birds we saw. The Juncos appeared to have nest building near the water spring and was protecting a territory!

Returned from Backpacking

Group Photo

This weekend Young Naturalist J, his father and I did some backpacking along the North Country Trail here in Allegany State Park. We stayed two nights at this lean-to on the western side of the park and you can tell from the pictures that we had an amazing time.

We Got Goofy Once it Got Dark

glow sticks

I am not sure if words can explain the many strange things that happened once it got dark at the lean-to Friday night. . . . so I will let the pictures and videos tell the whole story!



North Country Trip 2007

Some of the views along the Hike

Along the North Country Trail

As you know from the previous post that Young Naturalist J, his father (Jeff) and I went backpacking along the North Country Trail here in Allegany State Park yesterday. We started down on the Bay State Road and hiked up to the Lean-To along this section of the trail. The uphill hike wasn’t very fun with temperatures nearing 90F degrees, very muggy and I was bitten up by mosquitoes along the trail. I took everyone along a re-route section of the trail that is being proposed and it only made it harder since it was 0.7 miles off trailing hiking. The original alternative probably would have been a smarter route for us to do. (more…)

At the Lean-To

I tried posting a picture on flickr but wasn’t successful! So, I wanted to give a whats-up post via my cell phone to see if i can get it working! I am very happy having cellphone reception as we are watching the weather moving in tonight via radar! Ugg! Well, taking a ton of pictures and we have a Barred Owl vocalizing as I am trying to type on this tiny phone! I am off to bed an will post again once I get home! (more…)