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Eastern Phoebe

Eastern Phoebe adult with food for recent hatchling

By: Pat Coate

We had another pair of Eastern Phoebes nesting on the porch. It’s always fun (and tiring) to watch the parents in action as they dutifully provide seemingly non-stop feeding. One of the parents, presumably the male, just flies right up to the nest with food; while the other, presumably female, approaches much more cautiously.


Roger Tory Peterson Birding Festival Part 2

En06062010 152 Swamp Sparrow

By: Pat Coate

The pictures in this post were taken during the Roger Tory Peterson Institute’s Birding Festival held in Jamestown, NY from June 10-13. It was a really fun event with some great fields trips and leaders. The Swamp Sparrow pictures were taken at the Jamestown Audubon Society site south of Jamestown. I love to catch the little guys throwing their heads back and singing their hearts out.



tree swallows looking for food
Flying on Red House Lake (2007)

I observed a few hundred Tree Swallows flying over Red House Lake today with big snowflakes in the air!! Seeing this behavior reminded of the day in 2007 when I found a dozen birds cuddling together to keep warm. These birds just don’t do well in cold temperatures and my heart was broken after finding a few dozen of them dead in the bird boxes.  Lucky this weather isn’t proposed to last for as many days as in the 2007’s storm.

Few Songbirds Still Around

Blue-headed Vireo

I have been seeing many songbirds flying around the area this past week! Some are those to be expected like the White-throated Sparrows and White-crowned Sparrows. I have heard a few Swamp Sparrows and Song Sparrows singing in a few locations near Beaver Ponds. The Dark-eyed Junco’s seem to be scattered just about everywhere. (more…)