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Roger Tory Peterson Birding Festival Part 2

En06062010 152 Swamp Sparrow

By: Pat Coate

The pictures in this post were taken during the Roger Tory Peterson Institute’s Birding Festival held in Jamestown, NY from June 10-13. It was a really fun event with some great fields trips and leaders. The Swamp Sparrow pictures were taken at the Jamestown Audubon Society site south of Jamestown. I love to catch the little guys throwing their heads back and singing their hearts out.

En06062010 153

Swamp Sparrow

En06062010 060 Eastern Phoebe

En06062010 058 Eastern Phoebe

The Eastern Phoebe photos were also taken at the Jamestown Audubon site. A pair of phoebes were very actively hunting insects around the visitor center and I’m sure they had a nest nearby.

En06122010 069 Flycatcher

This flycatcher was seen in a brushy area of an abandoned field near Falconer. I’m not sure which species it is. It was not flicking its tail and it didn’t call, but gave us a fairly long look (as these things go).

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