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Searching For [Wordless Wednesday]

Mourning Cloak
Mourning Cloak

These are a few things that I have not seen yet and I am still searching for . . . . but is only a matter of time till they appear!

Where Adult Butterflies Winter

fallen into the snow
Fallen into the snow!

When temperatures reach – 0°F you don’t expect to find any adult butterflies in your back yard. Ok, here is my story . . . Yesterday I planned on starting a fire in the fireplace to help defray the cost of my gas bill (because temperatures are soo cold). I brought my first load of wood into the house and then returned for my second load! I notice in the white snow something that looked exactly like a butterfly standing up! Naa, it had to be bark right? Nope, with a closer inspection it was an Eastern Comma that fallen out of the woodpile and into the snow! (more…)