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DSC_0001 [Wordless Wednesday]


This was the first photo that I captured with my Nikon D70s!! I wonder what the Nikon D300 will bring me tomorrow (Wednesday)??

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Blood Root [Wordless Wednesday]

Bloodroot just out of the ground


Little Stinker [Wordless Wednesday]

Eastern Skunk
Eastern Skunk


White-breasted Nuthatch [Wordless Wednesday]

White-breasted Nuthatch
White-breasted Nuthatch


Cardinal [Wordless Wednesday]

Northern Cardinal
Northern Cardinal


Signs of an Accipiter [Wordless Wednesday]

Bluejay Feathers
Blue Jay Feathers


Wordless Wednesday (Bird Suet)

Red-breasted Nuthatch

The Red-breasted Nuthatch’s love their bird suet!


Wordless Wednesday [Self-portrait]


Young Naturalist J.


Another Redpoll Video

Check out the Jamestown Audubon article on Winter Redpolls written for the local newspaper! They emailed me yesterday asking to use two of my photos for the article! Thanks Jen and Sarah.  This is an almost Wordless Wednesday video post!


Wordless “video” Wednesday

Fun Black-capped Chickadee Video

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Wordless Wednesday [looking up]

Downy Woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker from the CBC this week.


Wordless Wednesday – Wet Feather

Wet Feather (more…)

Wordless Wednesday (Boring Ducks)



American Chestnut Blight

Am Chestnut Blight

This tiny Fungus has nearly wiped out all of the American Chestnut Trees


Wordless Wednesday Part III



Wordless Wednesday Part II

This is the story of my life (times 2 cats)!!

Not any of my work and spam that my mother sent me via email! For sure it is way out of my blog’s mission but way too cute not to post!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone

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Praying Mantis Wordless Wednesday

Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis.


Resting and Enjoying Everything Around Me

Monarch butterflies are still flying.

Instead of heading home early from work today to take a nap (like I wanted to do) . . . . I just kept busy spending the day with Adele looking butterflies and dragonflies that are still flying around. We only located 3 Monarch butterflies, 2 Darner species and a dozen or so Familiar Bluets over in Quaker Lake. I have closed the Owl Nets this evening due to a storm pushing through the area just after dusk (which gives me a rest day). . . . so here are a few random pictures I have taken that I wanted to share. (more…)

Wordless Wednesday (Turkey Vulture)

Turkey Vulture
Do they watch us or do we watch them?

Wordless Wednesday

MW putting on a show before watching Happy Feet at the campsite.

Wordless Wednesday

Lake Erie

Lake Erie Gull

I captured a few photos of Gulls along Lake Erie today.

Wordless Wednesday – Red Squirrel

a Happy Red Squirrel

Going into the archives, this is a fave shot from last year.