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Bird Bath?

Bird bath
Wash Cycle1

By: Pat Coate

Note: I started posting weekly to Tom’s blog about 1 year ago – this was my first. I decided to celebrate my ‘anniversary’ by taking the week off and re-publishing this first posting – still one of my favorites.

I recently got to spend some time in Allegany State Park and had the pleasure of watching some fun behavior within a flock of about 25 Canada geese. It was a Sunday and it appeared to be bathing day. First, the geese would flip themselves upside down.

Babies on the Mind

Canada Goose Babies
Canada Goose Babies

Patty’s daughter is due most any day now . . . . I have babies on the mind at the moment!

Canada Goose Banding

Canada Goose Round Up 1
Rounding Up the Geese on the Lake

I had an opportunity to assist with some banding of Canada Goose this summer. I was amazed at the number of people required in banding these guys. People were first used to help direct them to the pen and then the masses of people would then help in quickly band the birds . . . then they would be released. For sure an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life!

Goslings and Mother Goose

Canada Goose Babies
Canada Goose Cuteness

These are pure cuteness . . . . sorry for anyone who feel the need to say awwww!

Happy Mothers Day

Gosling Resting

I always remember that the baby Goslings are born around Mothers Day! I figured this would be the most appropriate pictures to use on my Mothers Day post!


Enjoying my Day in the Snow

Stonefly (Plecoptera species)

I spent the afternoon hiking along the snowmobile trail here in Allegany State Park today. Birds were quite along the trail but I did come across a few Kinglets and Chickadees. The only insect that I could locate were multiple Stoneflies visible along the fresh snow that came down last night. Stoneflies are also known as Plecoptera and the nymphs live in streams, creeks and lakes. Some of the adults are known to emerge during the winter months and I was not surprised to find these Plecoptera wondering around.

Nature Haikus – Geese

geese flying
By Young Naturalist C

In a v-shaped form
honk, honking into the sky
Long into the night