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Introducing Parker

Amanda's Yellow LabParker

This is Parker . . . . . Amanda and Eric’s new Yellow Lab puppy! Parker is the cutest thing ever!!

Goslings and Mother Goose

Canada Goose Babies
Canada Goose Cuteness

These are pure cuteness . . . . sorry for anyone who feel the need to say awwww!

Happy Mothers Day

Gosling Resting

I always remember that the baby Goslings are born around Mothers Day! I figured this would be the most appropriate pictures to use on my Mothers Day post!


Baby Fox Cuteness

Baby Fox
Baby Red Fox

Had the opportunity to photograph some baby Red Foxes this evening from my vehicle! It was cloudy from a storm moving into the area and all of the pictures needed some cropping . . . reason the photos were not perfect! But they were a blast to watch!

Cootest Wordless Wednesday Ever

American Coot
American Coot

This fun American Coot was walking the runway for me on Saturday and I thought it would be the Cootest Wordless Wednesday to publish!