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Bird Bath?

Bird bath
Wash Cycle1

By: Pat Coate

Note: I started posting weekly to Tom’s blog about 1 year ago – this was my first. I decided to celebrate my ‘anniversary’ by taking the week off and re-publishing this first posting – still one of my favorites.

I recently got to spend some time in Allegany State Park and had the pleasure of watching some fun behavior within a flock of about 25 Canada geese. It was a Sunday and it appeared to be bathing day. First, the geese would flip themselves upside down.

Wash cycle
Wash Cycle2

And I mean totally upside down. Be sure to notice Tom and company’s handiwork on the bird’s left foot.

Rinse cycle
Rinse Cycle

Then the goose would right itself, splash some water and preen.

Dry cycle
Drying Cycle

Flapping of the wings would follow in the drying cycle.

Relaxing after bathing
It feels good to be clean

Finally, some R&R after all that hard work. Until…..

Bother, bother, bother
Bother, bother, bother

Occasionally one goose would bother another, seeming to charge it with its neck fully extended. And, evidently, with its tongue extended too.

Canada Goose footprint
Canada Goose footprint

These were all over the beach area at Red House Lake.

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One response

  1. Jim Allen

    Cute!! Nice series of photos, some of them unique. I’ve never seen a Canada goose upsidedown.

    1 April 2010 at 9:43 am

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