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Hurricane Sandy Relief Continues

Oceanfront home for sale in the Rockaways (NY)

By: Pat Coate

St. Bonaventure University has a wonderful service group called BonaResponds ( that recently spent their spring break helping with Hurricane Sandy relief on Long Island and at the Jersey shore. The group is headed by a finance professor, was started shortly after Hurricane Katrina and has assisted at most national disasters since – as well as doing a lot of good work locally. I had the opportunity to join the group for the week.

I had been to Long Island with the Red Cross back in December. Though progress has been made there is still a tremendously long way to go. I was especially surprised by the amount of work to be done along the Jersey shore. We were in the Manasquan-Ortley Beach area and a good portion of this area looked largely untouched. There was a significant police presence and some utilities were not yet fully restored. We also noted that there were lots of billboards for lawyers offering their services to challenge insurance claim denials.


Scenes from Lake Erie

ee20110117 064
Snow dunes at Presque Isle

By: Pat Coate

A few random winter shots of Lake Erie while waiting for spring……..


Enjoying my Day in the Snow

Stonefly (Plecoptera species)

I spent the afternoon hiking along the snowmobile trail here in Allegany State Park today. Birds were quite along the trail but I did come across a few Kinglets and Chickadees. The only insect that I could locate were multiple Stoneflies visible along the fresh snow that came down last night. Stoneflies are also known as Plecoptera and the nymphs live in streams, creeks and lakes. Some of the adults are known to emerge during the winter months and I was not surprised to find these Plecoptera wondering around.