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Scenes from Lake Erie

ee20110117 064
Snow dunes at Presque Isle

By: Pat Coate

A few random winter shots of Lake Erie while waiting for spring……..



At Lake Erie (Wordless Wednesday)

Double Crested Cormorant
Double Crested Cormorants

Took these photos with Young Naturalist J yesterday at Lake Erie State Park.

Caspian Tern

Caspian Tern
Caspian Tern

I took advantage of this sunny day to do some bird watching with Young Naturalist J since he is off from school this week. I told him that my target species was the Caspian Tern and after being on the road for about 15 minutes  . . . . we found this group of Caspian Tern (CHECK)! This was a year bird for both of us and YN-J had also capture a few other first of the year birds throughout the day!  He’s growing up everyone . . . I think soon that I will have to start calling him “Teen Naturalist J”!   I had a wonderful day with him leading me around to all the birding hotspots in his neck of the woods!   Cheers . . . we found the Caspian Terns!

People Trying to Help The Birds

a bonaparte's gull
Bonaparte’s Gull along Lake Erie

This weekend Young Naturalist J and I heard about some dead Common Loons that were found along Lake Erie (and had to check it out). We made a little detour from some roadside birding to check a public beach to see if the rumors were true. We found 4 dead loons in just one small area of the beach and it was soo sad seeing these guys. I found a press release that was released today discussing the die off of these Common Loons in this area and as we expected, they died due to Type E Botulism!